Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So one of my best friends Sara ordered 10 boxes of falsies from ebay for about 10 dollars i think, and gave me a couple of boxes to have. I was really happy cause 1. LETS BE REAL! Lashes are NOT the cheapest. and i just got about 20 pairs for free :D and 2. I've heard about them through youtube and was always just curiuos about them. The only thing that sucked was that she ordered the same style for all 10 boxes. Eh.

So lets keep this review short & sweet.

- Price. You get a lot of lashes for what you pay for. About 10 pairs per box
- If you don't wear lashes everyday, it takes awhile to run out
- CAN look natural, but these lashes are really long.

- They feel like hard plastic! My least favorite kind of falsies, but i guess you get what you pay for
- They rip easy! If you can see in my 2nd picture, i tried to take a pair out and part of the lashes just ripped off!
- Cannot re- use more than once. It will look disgusting.
- Have to trim the ends cause the lash band keeps going. Weird
- Inconsistant length, some of the lashes just point in random directions.
- Sometimes when you curl them with an eyelash curler, it ruins the whole lash and makes your eyes look funny.

* Here are some pics of the lashes on, but they arent that great..

A couple of girlfriends & i hanging around the house. We are all wearing these lashes. How do you think they look? Kinda hard to tell how they look in this picture.

You can see how short & uneven these lashes are in length. Right side of lashes are longer than the left.

SOMEtimes they looked nice and full

Other times, they would like fanned out and a bit funny. Hmmph.

In the end, i would rate these lashes a 4 out of 10. I havent been buying falsies lately, so i just grab for these, BUT if i had other lashes like Ardells, i would definitely reach for those first over these.

For those who have lashes like these from Ebay, how did you like these? Do you grab for them often?


  1. Love the lashes..I bought that kind of lashes too..I love it..^_^..

    By the way thank you for following me..I follow you back..^_^..

  2. thanks girls! i appreciate it a lot!

  3. Hey!! Thanks for passing by my blog. I love lashes but Ive always have bad experiences w/ them lol..they look really pretty on you.

    Plz follow back :)
    My blog is also young & growing lol <3

  4. The eyelashes look really pretty. I like your blog. Come by and say hi sometime, I like new friends <3

  5. I have a bunch of lashes but never wear em so i dont buy alot lol
    Super pretty on u tho :)

  6. Hi Michelle aka the Boss, those lashes are very nice and you have such pretty eyes. For me, eyelashes are great way of enhancing the eyes but I have big trouble in getting it stay put...without spending more than an hour on its application!

  7. Aw, thanks guys! Your comments mean a lot to me! :)

    Squeeze the pug - falsies are sooo much fun! but i know what you mean. sometimes i feel like its such a hassle and so time consuming that lately i havent even been wearing them at all. au natural baby! lol! and i hate when they start to get loose and out of place. ughh.

  8. Hey hun thankyou so much for your awesome comment on my blog and thankyou for following. I follow you too now. You have a great blog here, the lashes look great and I hope to learn more from you through your blog. Keep doing your thing girl

  9. Falsies always look more volumous when your looking down, than when you look directly at them... these are lovely though :)

    thankyou for your comment, following :), xxx

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    following me back love xx

  11. I really want to try falsie's. They look so good on you!

    Love the blog<3

  12. thanks for the review. I don't use falsies much, but I would like to use a pair a few times before tossing them. So I guess those are not for me, good price though!

    answering your question about my brows: I use black eye shadow and a flat angled brush for the half end of my brows. I've got a lot of brow, but they end just a bit too soon!

  13. i've always been curious about ebay lashes! thanks for the review :)

  14. Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! I have a beauty blog and I'm having 2 giveaways right now, so check it out!


  15. your welcome guys! thanks again for taking the time out to comment!