Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nom Nom Nom!!!

Holy moly i can't believe i haven't blogged for a month! Feels like FOREVER! Most of the reason why is because my laptop charger is broken and i havent gotten around to getting a new one. Its such a hassle i feel, to go to my sisters house just to use her charger. But i really wanna get back to blogging so i promise for more updates! In the mean time, i'll share some pics of food that i've eaten recently LOL. i Love posting about food!

This month i ate A LOT of asian food! Its crazy. For one week straight most of the pictures i had were of chinese food! My Sister and i are on the hunt to find the best almond chicken w/ GRAVY instead of this nasty brown goo. There used to be a really good chinese restaurant by my hosue that served the best almond chicken but they closed down and we cant find any that compare!

My cravings all started when my mommy brought me home some dim sum! Mmmmmm! Shrimp toast, MY FAVORITE!

My dad INSISTED on bringing the puppy in and the ladies were SO nice and didnt get mad, but maybe thats cause my dog is so well behaved. Hehe.
Mean muggin cause she wasn't getting any human food!

Then the next day, had a late night run to chinatown for some more chinese food. Ah, the grease, but its soooo good. Sorry body!

Lunch specials! Same restaurant from the first few pics.

I seriously LOVE this place! They are an "asian fusion" restaurant with GREAT lunch specials and really yummy food. The ladies who work there are so gracious and really really nice. The outside looks a little random especially since its on Aurora, but give it a chance and you will always come back for More! So if you are in the northern seattle area, def. Stop by!
10007 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133

Later that day... Ate dinner w/ my sister at restaurant we have never tried before.

^ The hong kong style noodles. Um.. Yeah..

This was something different that i LOVED! I think this was the mandarin chicken.

^ Eh, the papaya salad i make tastes wayy better!
Oops got my sisters friend in the pic, lol.

^MMMMMMMM!!! Pollo con crema! SO fucking good. Omfg. Delicious cheesy goodness!

Arroz con pollo.

Mini chirashi bowl & sushi half eaten.

Damn, This made me hella hungry now! Enjoy!