Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So one of my best friends Sara ordered 10 boxes of falsies from ebay for about 10 dollars i think, and gave me a couple of boxes to have. I was really happy cause 1. LETS BE REAL! Lashes are NOT the cheapest. and i just got about 20 pairs for free :D and 2. I've heard about them through youtube and was always just curiuos about them. The only thing that sucked was that she ordered the same style for all 10 boxes. Eh.

So lets keep this review short & sweet.

- Price. You get a lot of lashes for what you pay for. About 10 pairs per box
- If you don't wear lashes everyday, it takes awhile to run out
- CAN look natural, but these lashes are really long.

- They feel like hard plastic! My least favorite kind of falsies, but i guess you get what you pay for
- They rip easy! If you can see in my 2nd picture, i tried to take a pair out and part of the lashes just ripped off!
- Cannot re- use more than once. It will look disgusting.
- Have to trim the ends cause the lash band keeps going. Weird
- Inconsistant length, some of the lashes just point in random directions.
- Sometimes when you curl them with an eyelash curler, it ruins the whole lash and makes your eyes look funny.

* Here are some pics of the lashes on, but they arent that great..

A couple of girlfriends & i hanging around the house. We are all wearing these lashes. How do you think they look? Kinda hard to tell how they look in this picture.

You can see how short & uneven these lashes are in length. Right side of lashes are longer than the left.

SOMEtimes they looked nice and full

Other times, they would like fanned out and a bit funny. Hmmph.

In the end, i would rate these lashes a 4 out of 10. I havent been buying falsies lately, so i just grab for these, BUT if i had other lashes like Ardells, i would definitely reach for those first over these.

For those who have lashes like these from Ebay, how did you like these? Do you grab for them often?


Hey guys! I cant believe i havent blogged in a week! Seems like forever! Atleast to me that is. I feel like the past week and a half i have been really caught up with my new job and havent had time for myself to just kick back and relax. But finally since i have two days off, i have the chance to just put my feet up and blog :)

For those who are wondering what my new job is, here it is...

TADA! I got hired at ULTA! A couple weeks ago i was really bored and applied online at about 5am on a wednesday. At 12 pm they called me in for an interview and scheduled it for the following friday. I was SUPER nervous and had no idea what to expect, because after all, this was my FIRST interview! But when the day came i nailed the interview and the GM told me she had more interviews to do the next day and monday and that she would definitely be calling me back. Sunday came and i got a call back from the GM and she said that she wanted to offer me the job! The job position i was offered is at the cashwrap (registers) which also consists of being on the floor and helping people out. I love beauty and make up so i think that this is the perfect first job for me. Yes i know im a little late on the job thing, but whatever. At my age, i REFUSE to constantly ask my parents for money to spend on nonsense. You know? Time to learn responsibilit, which makes me wish i got a job when i was younger. The people i work with are great and are all very helpful, and they pay is above minimum wage, which i cannot complain about.

Anyone else here that has worked at ULTA? What was your experience like? Let me know!

<3 Michelle

Monday, March 21, 2011


Short post, but gosh, its such a gloooomy day here in Seattle, i just wanted to liven things up and post this picture.

So delicious! I LOVE sashimi! Especially salmon sashimi, sprinkled with lemon juice! Mmmmm! Me and a couple of girlfriends ate at this Japanese restaurant this past weekend, that we frequent every so often. Its the kind of restaurant where they cook right in front of your face and end up leaving smelling like food. I started with the sashimi and man was it goood & so beautiful also! Just wanted to share with you all =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, early last year around May, when the nude heel craze started with every one and there moms, i bought these delicious Enzo Angiolini slingback pumps i saw at Nordstroms. The moment i laid my eyes on them, they screamed BUY ME BUY ME!! And i had to! Especially since in store they seemed to have some hint of light pink to it. Anyways, i purchased them and they cost around $90 dollars plus tax and i was SO thrilled to take these babys home!

I waited for the perfect occasion to wear these out and i decided to the night of my bestfriends birthday. We went to dinner and it was just so great! I thought i looked amazing in the heels, they made my legs look like they were miles long. After dinner we went over to our friends house for some good company. And that was it.

The next morning, i look at my shoes, and to my HORROR, i came to find this starring back at me...

The "stacked heel" had chipped!!! i was FURIOUS!!! 1 because i paid a good amount of money for this shoe and it had failed on me SO quickly! and 2 the stacked heel was FAKE! I couldnt even bare to look at them anymore and set these away and left them in my closet to sit all alone..

Last week, 9 months later, after my interview at ULTA i finally went into nordstroms to ask an employee, what could be done about these shoes? She told me to bring them in because they have an on site cobbler who could fix them or they could ship them back to the maker and get a new shoe or have them replaced over all.

I was sooo happy to hear the news. I guess i put off doing something about them because i was just scared that nothing could be done. BUT i was not surprised at all by the ladies answer because seriously guys, NORDSTROM HAS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE out there!! My parents have been Nordstrom credit card holders ever since the 80s and even almost 30 years later they still do everything and anything they can to make there customers happy! Thats what i LOVE about this company.. and also not to mention its based here in Seattle, my hometown =)

Im going in tommorrow to bring them in and i have high hopes. Guess my babys will be saved after all! Thank the lord!!


One of my favorite desserts growing as a little girl was karioka! My dad would always surprise me and come home with a bag of sweet delicious goodness for me to snack on. It is a Filipino dessert that consists of fried rice flour, coconut milk and shredded coconut then drizzled with a coconut milk and brown sugar syrup. Today i was craving for it and lucky enough i had all the ingredients laying around the house to make it. Ive never done it before but it came out tasting the way i have always remembered. Heres are the steps i took to make it. Try it out for yourself! enjoy!

2 Cups Sweet Rice flour
1 3/4 Cups of shredded coconut
1 1/2 Cups of coconut milk.

For the syrup
1/4 Cup of Brown sugar
3/4 Cup of coconut milk

First mix together the sweet rice flour, shredded coconut, and coconut milk. Once it has been combined it should look like a nice paste. Make sure its not too moist because it will be hard to roll into balls.

After, take the mixture and roll them into medium sized balls with the palms of your hands. If you feel like it is too sticky and hard to form, add more rice flour to the mixture. This will help keep the shape and wont stick to your hands.

Next, heat the 2 cups of oil in a pot and set the burner to medium. Once you feel the oil is hot enough, drop a few balls in at a time. Leave them in for about 5 minutes, or until they turn golden brown.

After you have fried a few, go ahead and crack one open. You will the see the consistency will be sticky and chewy and a bit transparent. That is exactly what your looking for.

Once all the balls are fried, you went to set them aside on a plate with with napkins because it helps to soak up the hot oil. Then your ready to make the syrup! Mmmm.

In a different pot or the same one you used (make sure it is cleaned of all oil,) heat up the 3/4 cup of coconut milk and bring it to a boil. Once you see the bubbles, add the brown sugar and stir well.

Leave the syrup on the burner and it will thicken to a nice caramel looking consistency. Once its done, turn off the burner and take the pot off and wait until it chills.

After it has cooled down, your ready to dip the balls in the sauce. Roll them around in the syrup then stick a skewer through it and let it hang on top of the pot so the excess syrup can drip back down into the rest of the syrup

After you have rolled and skewed the rest of the balls, your ready to eat!

Hope you liked the tutorial! Enjoy the karioka!!


So, as my first post, i thought i would share with you guys my make up storage. I got this as one of my christmas presents from my fam. My brother said he bought it at Office depot. Im not sure how much it was but if im correct it may be around 40 dollars plus tax. It also comes in black and gray, but they got me pink cause its my favorite color. I cant believe my family actually pays attention to details, haha! I finally opened it and put it together recently and stuffed most of the things i could find of mine in there. Warning, this post is picture heavy!


The last two drawers, i didnt really know what to put in them so i just put some make up bags & clutches in there. I think i will be moving them out soon and putting more hair products and what not in there. The thing for me that sucks is that i couldnt fit my other Hot Tools curling iron with the rest of my appliances. Booo. Other than that i think its great and would recomened this to all who have a lot of make up or for whoever needs a lot of storage space.

This Right Here Is My..


Welcome to my blog bitches! Please bare with me peoples! I used to be good with HTML many years ago when i was still on Myspace and Xanga but now that Facebook came along, i've totally forgotten everything. Im tryna make this site look as best as i possibly can, but that may take awhile cause HTML gets pretty frustrating!! Feel free to drop some advice or suggestions and remember to come back soon cause i'll be updating FREQUENTLY! <3