Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, early last year around May, when the nude heel craze started with every one and there moms, i bought these delicious Enzo Angiolini slingback pumps i saw at Nordstroms. The moment i laid my eyes on them, they screamed BUY ME BUY ME!! And i had to! Especially since in store they seemed to have some hint of light pink to it. Anyways, i purchased them and they cost around $90 dollars plus tax and i was SO thrilled to take these babys home!

I waited for the perfect occasion to wear these out and i decided to the night of my bestfriends birthday. We went to dinner and it was just so great! I thought i looked amazing in the heels, they made my legs look like they were miles long. After dinner we went over to our friends house for some good company. And that was it.

The next morning, i look at my shoes, and to my HORROR, i came to find this starring back at me...

The "stacked heel" had chipped!!! i was FURIOUS!!! 1 because i paid a good amount of money for this shoe and it had failed on me SO quickly! and 2 the stacked heel was FAKE! I couldnt even bare to look at them anymore and set these away and left them in my closet to sit all alone..

Last week, 9 months later, after my interview at ULTA i finally went into nordstroms to ask an employee, what could be done about these shoes? She told me to bring them in because they have an on site cobbler who could fix them or they could ship them back to the maker and get a new shoe or have them replaced over all.

I was sooo happy to hear the news. I guess i put off doing something about them because i was just scared that nothing could be done. BUT i was not surprised at all by the ladies answer because seriously guys, NORDSTROM HAS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE out there!! My parents have been Nordstrom credit card holders ever since the 80s and even almost 30 years later they still do everything and anything they can to make there customers happy! Thats what i LOVE about this company.. and also not to mention its based here in Seattle, my hometown =)

Im going in tommorrow to bring them in and i have high hopes. Guess my babys will be saved after all! Thank the lord!!


  1. Great colour on these babies. I love the patent finish. I wonder how you're gonna style them? Should we expect an outfit post soon?

    p.s. your makeup storage is superb!

  2. Your link works :-) Thank you for the comment on my blog, you should follow! :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those heals! It's such a shame they're chipped. Not sure I could walk in them though, they're huge!

    You should definitely do an outfit post!


  3. <3 the shoes girl. they're like the perfect nude!

  4. Yaaaay for Nordy's! They are the best at keeping their customers happy.


  5. Thanks guys! i really appreciate your input =) i will DEFINITELY be doing outfit of the days and all that. i am so excited to post some up! thanks to those who decided to follow! :D

  6. Those are really pretty shoes- I hope the cobbler can fix the scratch for you!

    star-crossed smile

  7. Gorgeous shoes! They look beautiful and I love the colour :)

  8. Ah! Those nude color peep toe shoes are so pretty, I hope they soon fix the scratch for you xoxo

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  10. those are gorgeous heels. I'm glad Nordstrom could fix them for you. They truly do have the BEST customer service. I agree with you, I'm so happy they're based out of Seattle!

  11. Ii got this same shoes for $12.00 at ross from nine west. What a deal