Friday, April 22, 2011

REVIEW - Too Faced Mood Swing Lip gloss.

So i had a 6:30 am shift at work today, putting new shipments out on the floor. Every new employee at Ulta has to do this so they can get to know all the products the store carries. Since we were ahead of schedule and had everything out, my general manager gave us some free gratis. I went to the back office and she had a big box of products, but there was so much stuff, i didnt feel like searching cause she was standing right there waiting for me, so i grabbed this Too Faced Mood Swing "Emotionally Activated Lip gloss" and felt satisfied.

This product retails for $18.50 so i was pretty excited to get it for free. While i was sitting in the break room, i was inspecting the box. I thought the gloss would come out clear, but when i looked at the top of the box, it said 'pink berry' and i was like whaaat? I took out the gloss wanting to try it on my hand, and to my dismay, it came out to a DARK purple! My excitedness quickly dropped down to disappointment. I rushed over, to my sisters house after work to use her laptop charger cause unfortunately mine broke somehow (i know fml) to blog about this.

Heres a swatch of the gloss. This is EXACTLY what it looks like on my lips when first applied, but the camera picked it up differently.. which is weird.
Excuse the bad picture, but this one is the closest to its truest color when i first applied it, but was still much darker on my lips in person. All the other pictures i took of it came out TOO light.

* In the sun.
The top swatch is the gloss when its first applied. The bottom swatch had been sitting on my hand for thirty minutes.

* In the shade

After 30 minutes, i noticed the color gradually get lighter, but in person it still just looks too dark for my liking. i WISH that the camera picked up the true color on my lips, but the closest to the true color i was able to capture, was on my hand. I like the consistency of the gloss. Nothing to sticky and when it wears off, it leaves a nice tint to the lips. I want so bad for this product to work, but i might just have to stick with my Smashbox O-Plump whioh is basically the same concept, but with tingle which i LOVE! This whole different shade thing that it says on the side of the box is really pointless & stupid cause the lipgloss really DOESNT change to your mood. Would i buy this again? Eh, most likely NOT!

^ BEFORE (was MUCH darker in person)


Can you tell the difference?


  1. I've always been curious about this one. Thanks for the review. I think I'll be passing on this as well.

  2. yeah honestly i suggest to pass! the packaging is also cheap as well! for 20 dollars i'd expect something better looking.

    and thanks vikki! :)