Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mini ULTA haul!

So my work has been having some GREAT sales but unfortunately i think it ends today. Maybelline, Revlon, Nyx and some other brands are all 40% off so i decided to take advantage of the sales =) and also my 25% off discount! I didnt get much, just a few things and here they are..

I had two black 1'' Chi straightening irons. My oldest one, about 5 years old that i got when i was a sophomore in HS that still works fine to this day but cracked on one side so a bit of the plastic came off and the little circle thing that says CHI fell off. I also had a newer version that i got last year BUT last week some idiot snapped it in half! YES, i know, i was pissed! I know i didnt need to buy another iron, my older baby still works perfectly BUT i just wanted a newer one. Ulta was having a sale for the ULTRA Chi's that are regularly $149.95 but were on sale for $99 dollars. They had some cute colors but when i saw there was only 1 left of the color i wanted i HAD to have it!

It also came with a black patent bag inside.

I got the "glitzy pink" color that has a holographic shimmer that gives it a great pop!

oh, yeah my conceited puppy wanted to get into the picture! hehe.

I love this stuff! its wax you heat up in the microwave that doesnt need strips and it works REALLY well!
I used to have MAC's fluidline in blacktrack until a "friend" of mine stole my make up bag and gave it back empty.. yeah wtf right? I heard good things about this and decided to try it out. Original price is $10 and i got it on sale for $5 so i couldn't pass it up! Have any of you girls used it? What do you think?

I usually don't have any problems with my eyebrows and i don't normally fill them in with anything, but i saw DulceCandy87 use this in one of her tutorials and i decided to try it out. Its a soft wax pencil that helps keep your brows in place. I have a few spots that i plucked too many stray hairs from and am waiting for them to grow out. This makes my brows look WONDERFUL and i really really like this product and i recommend it foreveryone! I have never used a brow gel but i have heard that this works way better and it doesnt leave my brows feeling hard or crispy.
*With flash

I got this "matte lip cream" and in person and at the store it looked a lot darker than it does on my lips =/ its an alright color but it wasn't as dark as i was expecting but i know i can try and make it work. I thought this would be like a creamy lipgloss, but it feels to me like its a cream lipstain which is kinda funky.

The last product i got was a "liquid crystal liner" which you can put over eyeliner and eyeshadows. Urban Decay makes a similar product but this was only 2 dollars so i decided to get it. Its a very pretty pinkish purple color that has nice glitter/shimmer to it. I usually dont use products like this but i thought why not, it will give me a good pop of color. Besides i think purples look delicious on brown eyes. These pictures do NOT do it justice!

The first line is 1 swipe, the line under is 2 swipes

Without flash

(Image via Google)

^ And theres a better picture of it.

Tried any of these products? Thoughts?
Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. cute dog!
    I also have that maybelline gel liner. and I love it!

    I followed you deary :3

  2. that color of your new flat iron is so fun!

  3. wow i love you Nyx haul..and the hairstyling iron is cute.

    newbie blogger here and a follower as well.

    hope you can visit my blog as well.

    TC :)

  4. You dog is too cute.. Let me know how that Maybelline eyeliner works for you? I was actually thinking of getting it the other day

  5. I use that gel liner everyday, and I love it! Your flat iron is sooo pretty and sparkly. Your doggy is adorable!